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Find out about our current employment opportunities for international academic faculty and staff. We also have details about our employment policy and application procedures.

Current employment opportunities
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Graduate Fellow 31 January
1 Septembre view full details

Contact : Juliette Charbonneaux, maître de conférences

Our employment policy
CELSA’s policy is to employ the best qualified personnel, while providing equal opportunity for the advancement of employees and not to discriminate against any person because of any condition or requirement which cannot be shown to be justified. All applications are dealt with fairly and properly in line with our policies and procedures. For certain positions, applicants who do not have a primary employer or who are not citizens of an EU country and who do not otherwise have long-term permission to work or reside in France are at a disadvantage under local immigration law, in that a suitably qualified applicant who already complies with such legislation must be given priority. See specific information on each position for full details.

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